EPSBLOCK is a new generation lightweight, durable wall block with insulation features superior than its equivalents, using EPS (expanded polystyrene) based material as raw material and composed of cement and various liquid ingredients, for use in many fields.

Due to its ease of application, it has too lower workmanship costs especially compared to BIMS, gas concrete and brick workmanship.
It is certified as “Lightweight Sandwich Masonry Units With Insulation Layer” according to the standard TS13565-2013 of TSE.
Its heat insulation value is 0.08 W/m.K (U 0.381 W/m2K). Due to these insulation features IT DOES NOT REQUIRE SHEATHING.

Its is highly durable and lightweight. 1 m3 weighs 350-400 kg. It provides advantage in static calculations by reducing the seismic loads of the buildings.

It is too easy and fast to process. Surface coating is completed withe less lining mortar and plaster application compared to its equivalents. Thus, it considerably shortens the construction periods, lowers the workmanship costs.